• Mathematics
    There are pills in five cups for Covid19 flu. A mischievous person has inserted contaminated pills in one of the jars. The medics were perplexed how to find the jar. They however had got one clue that their good pills were weighing 14 grams whereas the contaminated pills were weighing 13 grams. Can you help
  • Rabbit and the Carrot
    A rabbit went to the beer shop one fine evening and asked the man in the counter do you have carrots. He replied, ” sorry we do not have”. The rabbit left. 10 minutes later the rabbit came again and asked the man in the counter whether he had carrots. The man again replied that
  • Flight distance Puzzle
    Plane A departs from Bahrain to Sharjah at 600 mph. Plane B departs from Sharjah to Bahrain at 300 mph. when the planes meet which one will be closer to Bahrain.
  • Site interested
    If you are asked to create a site that you are interested, what sort of site will you be creating. You can consider portfolio, business, ecommerce, fashion, branding, company, food stall and the like. You can also mention the features that you would have to incorporate.
  • Mickie
    A pup that i bought in Coimbatore. It was a great Lhasa Apso dog breed. Initially it was very nice and enjoyable as it was very young. Once the days started rolling by i had a tough time keeping it clean. In addition the hair on its head had to be combed and trimmed periodically